2016’s Top & Best HTML5 Animation Tools For Designers

Today, HTML5 is one of the most popular and advanced languages among web developers and designers. As this high-end language has helped a lot of professionals to produce different contents that can be present on the web.

In the last couple of years, HTML5 language has gained huge popularity in the world of cyberspace. Supports with an exclusive range of features like every modern browser, video, audio, canvas element and animation, HTML5 allows developers and designers to make their website creative.

Moreover, HTML5 also enables professionals to develop amazing animations for their website. Through these high-end animations, they can give their site attractiveness; therefore, they can do more business.

However, it is also true that developing such animation requires you to spend a lot of efforts, time and hard work, so ensure that you always take the help of HTML5 animation tools that are obtainable both free as well as paid.

In this blog, I have listed 2015’s top and best HTML5 animation tools that can help web designers to make their work a lot easier and simpler:

HTML5 Maker:

HTML5 Maker

When it comes to HTML5 Maker, it is the finest online animation tool that can be used for developing animated, interactive content with the help of HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Being an easy to use tool, HTML5 Maker can help users to attain extremely good results. The tool also allows producing cross-browser animated content like Slideshows, JavaScript, Presentations, HTML5 animation, Sliders and more.



Intuitive Animatron Editor is a highly advanced HTML5 animation tool that helps in design and publishing animated and interactive content, which plays everywhere from desktop computers to mobile devices. Moreover, this tool allows you to collaborate with other users, import artwork, develop custom shapes and more.

Adobe Edge Animate:

Adobe Edge Animate

With Adobe Edge Animate, developing interactive, animated web content become a lot easier. Using this tool is a lot easier with precise control over motion graphics and HTML elements with a video-editor such as a timeline interface. The content that developed through the tool works smoothly on mobile devices running iOS, Android and in modern desktop browsers.



Among different HTML5 animation tools, Mixeek is a free software tool for designing and implementing web animations and interactive animated web applications. Completely based on CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, this wonderful animated tool is especially developed to bring lightweight alternative to popular paid animation software tools.



When it comes to talking about the Mugeda tool, it is a powerful browser-based HTML5 animation tool, which comes with different features like templates, analytics and more. By using this tool, you can approach cross-platform optimization, efficeintly create content friendly with ads, and play with the top Javascript technologies.



Redi is also an extremely powerful tool that can be used for developing videos, animations and develop graphics for modern web. This tool makes it easy for you to enjoy it without learning to code. Moreover, this excellent tool is designed from the ground up in order to help people to develop content, which will take full benefit of HTML5 features.

Motion Composer:

Motion Composer

One of the best HTML5 animation tools ‘Motion Composer’ is known for bridging the gap between experienced designers and enthusiasts by offering powerful tool for developing feature-rich animations with an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, the tool will automatically develop the animations paths, decreasing the time-consuming process of animating content frame by frame.



Sencha Space is a highly secure, flexible and managed app environment for HTML and JavaScript-based applications. This feature-rich tool is designed to help organizations to simplify app development, security, maintenance and deployment to desktops, smart-phones and tablets.

Google Web Designer:

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is also a great HTML5 animation tool that helps you to develop engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics, which runs on any device. This tool gives the power to you to develop engaging HTML5 content. You can use animation, highly interactive elements to bring your creative vision to life.

Hippo Studios:

Hippo Studios

Hippo Animator is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to develop impressive animation without any hassle. This feature-rich tool is the perfect choice for experts and beginners as help is provided with the video tutorials. You can also customize the appearance with dark as well as light interfaces.

So, these are 2015’s top HTML5 animation tools that make animation work of HTML5 designers a lot easier and hassle-free. Moreover, you can also hire a professional HTML5 designer or developer for your project and get huge benefits.

Original article has been published at Mobiletechforce