One Simple Shampoo Which Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous Of Your Shine and Volume

One Simple Shampoo Which Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous Of Your Shine and Volume

The hair is one of the greatest symbols of femininity and beauty but because of the frequent treatments with different kinds of chemical substances like dyeing, drying, ironing and inadequate care the hair is violated, becomes dry and damaged. All these factors together with the daily stress and body changes are causing the hair falling.One Simple Shampoo Which Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous Of Your Shine and Volume

In order to mitigate the losing of hair and to contribute more beauty to it, we recommend this homemade shampoo.

The preparation is very simple and the efficiency is 100%. After several washings you will note the first amazing results, your hair will be strong and will fall less and only after a month of regular use you will notice new hair pieces who will contribute to increased volume.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Nettle shampoo (plain 750)
  • Panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
  • Nettle drops 30ml
  • AD drops, 30ml aqueous solution
  • Castor oil 50 ml
  • 2 vial vitamin B


Into the 750ml shampoo of nettle put the whole panthenol bottle of 100ml and all the nettle drops plus the AD drops with the castor oil.

How acts this shampoo?

Nettle Shampoo: Believe it or not, this nettle shampoo is one real vitamin bomb for your head skin and your hair.

Nettle: The nettle accelerates circulation of blood in the head skin and in that way also speeds the metabolism’s process of the internal epidermis. Mixed with it, the other ingredients of this shampoo are absorbed faster.

Panthenol: The pantothenic acid also known as vitamin B5 acts on the keeping the proper function of the head skin and stimulates the regenerative process.

Castor Oil: Abundant in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. The vitamin E is one significant antioxidant and stops the effect of free radicals in the body who effect badly on the head skin and root. According to its regenerative properties acts antifungal and destroys the bacteria who is responsible for dandruff. It calms the inflammation of the head skin and removes the dead cells on head.

Vitamin B complex: It feeds the hair and returns the firmness.

Experience from this shampoo:

I use this shampoo for over 3 months and I have only positive feedbacks about it.  My hair is not falling anymore, it came back to life and it shines very bright. The hair is growing much more than it used to and it is quite soft. Shake the shampoo before use. Place it first on your palm and then put it into the hair. Massage your scalp for few minutes with it, leave it for few more minutes to act and wash it in the end. Apply mask or regenerator if your hair is dry, it’s your choice although for me personally there was no need for that. If you have especially dry hair put half bottle of nettle drops to the shampoo because sometimes the nettle can additionally dry your hair even more. If you have expressed hair fall I recommend you to start consuming nettle tea to control the hormonal status and the blood picture because the reduction of iron can contributes in the hair fall.

The shampoo can be bought from any convenient market and the remaining ingredients can be found in pharmacy.



How to use olive oil for hair growth and prevent hair loss?

Hair loss can happen because of various reasons such as heredity, genetics, diseases etc but mostly commonly the reason for hair loss is pollution, poor diet, frequent coloring, misuse of hair care products, etc.? This is one of the hair problems that many of the people are suffering and all of them are looking for ways to make hair look thicker and fuller.Benefits-of-Olive-Oil-for-Hair-Growth

One of the easily found ingredients that can help in hair growth and hair loss prevention is Olive oil. Olive that can be easily found at home has been use since ages for hair growth as one of the home remedies for hair growth. It has got amazing properties that help in nourishing the scalp and also prevent hair loss and hence Olive Oil can be used as an effective hair loss treatment.

How To Use Olive Oil For Hair Loss

You can use olive oil in different ways for treating hair loss. For best results, select extra virgin olive oil that does not have any superficial agent.

Method 1

  1.  Wash your scalp to remove any impurities. Use light herbal shampoo for the wash.
  2.  Apply olive oil to your hair and massage gently. Make sure the oil reaches the roots of the hair and surface of the scalp.
  3.  Leave for one hour and wash it again with herbal shampoo.
  4. Apply minox 5% at bed time.
  5. Use 100% aloe-Vera gel for styling.

Method 2

  1. Mix a few drops of peppermint, rosemary and sage oil
  2. Add in one tablespoon of olive oil
  3.  Massage into the scalp
  4. Wash with shampoo after 30 minutes
  5.  Repeat daily

Method 3

  1.  Mix 3 drops of cedar, 2 drops of sage, 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of tea tree oil
  2.  Add 2 tablespoon of olive oil
  3. Apply to the scalp and massage.
  4. Wash after one hour
  5. Repeat daily

Method 4

  1. Take 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and warm it up. (If you hair is pretty long like women hair, you may increase the amount to half a cup).
  2. Leave the warm oil for 5 seconds.
  3. Massage the warm oil into your scalp and hair
  4. Wear a plastic cap or a shower cap, or a thick towel for 30 minutes
  5. Wash with warm water. You may use a light shampoo.




Hair loss is a common cosmetic issue affecting both men and women. Although losing 50-100 hairs per day is quite normal, acute hair loss can seriously undermine a person’s self-esteem. There are a number of factors that can lead to this condition, and the most common include:

unhealthy diet,

rapid weight loss,
going through a severe illness or infection,
thyroid dysfunction,
strong medications, and
poor blood count.

If you are looking for a natural solution to treat this issue, onion is your best option. You no longer need to spend money on expensive treatments to stop hair loss. Now, you can easily replace those chemically-laden hair loss products with a cheaper, safer and more efficient method.


A number of studies on natural remedies that prevent hair loss have proved that onion juice is extremely beneficial for controlling hair loss and stimulating hair growth at the same time. Aside from this, onion can also be used to address other hair-related issues such as dandruff, fungal and yeast infections. Onion juice has also shown effective in preventing premature graying. Best of all, it has no side effects and causes no allergies.


First of all, onions are rich in sulfur, which stimulates the production of collagen necessary for the growth of new hair. The high sulfur content in the juice also has anti-bacterial properties and prevents proliferation of fungi and bacteria on the scalp thus reducing the risk of hair loss as a result of these infections. Moreover, onion juice can increases the blood flow on the scalp and increased blood supply to the scalp brings more nutrients and nourishment to the follicles, where hair grows from, thus stimulating hair growth. Last, but not least, onion juice strengthens the hair and prevents thinning and breakage. Regular application of onion juice can significantly improve hair quality and volume.

To use this extremely beneficial home remedy to stop hair loss and to stimulate hair growth, you must first extract the juice of the onion and apply it on your scalp thoroughly. Then you leave the juice to act for at least 30 minutes or longer if you have the time. Finally, wash it off using lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Do this treatment at least three times a week for at least two months. It may take a while for this natural remedy to act, but you will be positively surprised at the results. Be aware that the pungent smell may be a bit off-putting.


You can easily extract the juice from onions using a food processor, grater or juicer. Peel the onions first before juicing or grating them. Use as many onions as you think will be enough for your hair length.


11 way

11 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Do you dream of having Rapunzel-length locks? If it seems like your hair just isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, look no further than your hair care routine. And then try these pro-recommended tips to get longer, stronger hair in no time.11 way

1. Get frequent trims — yes, really.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want long hair that’s actually healthy, you need to get regular trims. “While haircuts don’t make your hair grow any faster, they get rid of split ends that break your hair,” explains celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas. “Eliminating the breakage gives the appearance that your hair is growing faster.” After all, a split end that breaks can lead to your hair losing length — not to mention shine, volume, and smoothness. Not sure how often to trim your hair? We’ve got a guide for that.

2. Spread the wealth that is your hair’s natural oil.

Going to bed with unbrushed hair may seem tempting when you’re tired, but giving your hair a few quick strokes can be great for its health. “Starting at the scalp, use a boar bristle brush to distribute your scalp’s oils evenly onto your hair so it stays naturally moisturized,” recommends Eva Scrivo Salon senior colorist and hair educator Meri Kate O’Connor. Bonus: This simple step each night helps increase circulation, which helps make your scalp healthier. Which leads us to…

3. Keep your scalp healthy.

Think of your hair like a tree: If the soil and roots aren’t taken care of, the tree can’t grow tall and solid. “Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp,” explains celebrity hairstylist and WEN founder Chaz Dean. “When you cleanse and treat your scalp with healthy ingredients, you product strong, beautiful hair.” If you’re not sure how healthy your hair is, Chaz recommends doing a “root lift test”: At the crown of your head, hold up a section of your hair. Healthy hair should be the same thickness root to end, but if your ends are thinner, it’s time to rethink your haircare regimen.

4. Start from the inside by eating the right foods.

Having long, strong hair doesn’t just depend on which products you put on your hair, it also depends on what you put into your body. “To promote hair growth, you need to ‘feed’ the hair from the inside,” explains Dr. Francesco Fusco, dermatologist and CLEAR Scalp & Hair expert. “Try increasing your protein intake with foods like fish, beans, nuts, and whole gains.” If you’re not a meat-lover, be sure to maintain a diet high in protein — Dr. Fusco warns that women who don’t get enough of it often experience “more shedding.”

5. Stop abusing it with heat styling tools.

The biggest culprit that’s ruining your hair: damage from hot tools. “Stop over-styling your hair,” warns celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. If you must use heat, Paves recommends decreasing the temperature and always using a heat protectant — otherwise, you risk damaging your locks, leading to breakage and frizz.

6. Skip the daily shampoo.

Good news: Your hair care routine just got a whole lot simpler. By now, you’ve likely heard all the testimonials attributing great hair to going “no ‘poo,” but do you know whyit actually helps your hair? “Shampooing your hair two to three times a week is a general rule,” says Paves. “This allows your natural oils to penetrate your hair, allowing it to hydrate and repair itself.” But just be sure not to let too much buildup occur — Dr. Fusco warns that this can lead to a surplus of oil, itching, and dandruff.

7. Add a vitamin to your morning routine.

If your diet isn’t supplying you with enough nutrition, a supplement could make a world of difference. “Look for a multivitamin that’s formulated and labeled ‘For Hair, Skin, and Nails,'” advises Dr. Fusco. “Those contain important vitamins like biotin, vitamin C, and B vitamins that support hair health.” Bonus: You’ll get better skin in the process!

8. Finish your shower with a cool rinse.

A super steamy shower isn’t just bad for your skin — it’s also rough on your hair. “Turn the water temperature down when cleansing,” recommends Paves. “And rinse with cool water to help seal the cuticle and strengthen your hair before styling it.”

9. Stop doing trendy “cleanses.”

Diet companies may try to convince you that a “cleanse” will turn your whole life around, but Dueñas strongly advises against them. “Doing a cleanse is terrible for your hair because you’re depriving your body of nutrients,” he warns. “After doing a cleanse even for a week, you’ll notice slower hair growth and lackluster locks.”

10. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Getting better hair in your sleep is possible — all you need is to switch up your pillowcase. “Silk is easier on hair — it helps avoid tangles and breakage,” says Jesleen Ahluwalia, M.D., a physician from Spring Street Dermatology in New York City. The less breakage your hair experiences, the longer your locks will be.

11. Pay attention to how your skin feels after using hair care products.

It’s easy to see shiny locks initiallyand assume a product is working for you, but Dean recommends taking a closer look (and feel). “What the formula is doing to your skin is generally what it’s doing to your hair,” he says. “Does it make your skin f eel dry, stripped, heavy, waxy, sticky, or greasy? Or does it feel soft, hydrated, silky, and supple?” Treat your hair the way you would treat your skin — after all, it’s another part of you! If your hair follicles are clogged and congested, there’s no way it can grow as efficiently.

Stop Your Hair loss 100% with Guava Leaves

Stop Your Hair loss 100% with Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are chanted as medical leaves in treating various health problems due to their medicinal values.

Did you know that your hair can benefit immensely from guava leaves? Have you ever imagined that something as simple as the leaves of guava fruit can do your hair a lot of good? Well, it’s true!
Stop Your Hair loss 100% with Guava Leaves
Guava leaves are high in vitamins A and C, potassium, healthy fiber and lycopene. According to experts, regular use of guava leaves can effectively stop and prevent hair loss, so you should add them to your daily hair care routine. One of the reason guava fruit and leaves are so good for our hair is its richness in Vitamin B. Sufficient amounts of vitamin B can boost growth of hair, damage repair and easy maintenance of healthy hair.

How can you use guava leaves to keep your hair healthy and growing?

Take a handful of guava leaves and boil them in a liter of water for approximately 20 minutes.Leave the mixture to cool down at room temperature. You can use this guava leaves mixture like a tonic, applying it on your scalp and hair roots after you wash your hair. You can also use this mixture to massage your scalp. Leave it in after the massage for a few hours and then rinse your hair. If you want this treatment to be even more effective you can massage your scalp before you go to bed and sleep with the mixture on your hair during the night.

Wear a shower cap and rinse in the morning.

Guava leaves are guaranteed to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth if you use this treatment regularly. It will strengthen your hair roots and follicles and your hair will start growing like crazy. Don’t wait another day, start using this treatment immediately!

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Tips To Grow Your Hair Super-Fast In A Week

This article will be super-interesting for all the ladies out there who’d want to have gorgeous, voluptuous locks in no time, but that’s all the ladies, right? This may sound super-difficult and complicated but it’s really simple actually, you just need to know what to do.

First you’ll need to start eating a bit healthier, we’ll suggest some super foods for fast hair growth, consume plenty of vitamins and start some hair treatments to stimulate its growth! If you start this regime right now you’ll notice amazing results in just one week. Trust us, you’ll be surprised!

These tips and tricks are very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions.

Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Hair Fast – in Just 1 Week:Tips-To-Grow-Your-Hair-Super-Fast-in-a-week

Hair Treatments

Start hot oil scalp massage as soon as you can. A warm oil scalp massage uses natural oils to improve the health of your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. You can try essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil, all of them are excellent for stimulating hair growth. How to do it?  Warm up the oil in the microwave but test it before you use it to make sure it is not boiling hot. Heat it up to some comfortably warm temperature so that you won’t damage the hair or scalp in the process. Next, with your fingers gently massage your scalp with the warm oil using slow, circular motions. If you have someone with you ask them to help you. The massage should last for about 20 minutes. Next, run the leftover oil through your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo to remove all the oil.

You can also try this amazing homemade hair mask. Encourage your hair follicles to grow faster by applying a hair mask once or twice a week.

Make your own natural oil mask.        

Combine 1 cup coconut oil with 1 tablespoon almond oil, macadamia oil, and jojoba oil. Apply the mask to damp hair and leave it in for ten minutes. Then, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Or, you can also use castor oil as a homemade hair mask. Castor oil is famous for its beneficial effects on skin and hair, stimulating growth and regeneration. It’s one of the best choices for fast hair growth

Start by massaging your scalp with castor oil and let your hair absorb it as well. Once you’re done cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on overnight. When you get up in the morning wash and condition your hair as you usually would, make sure to remove all the oil.

Another thing you can try is ACV. It can be very effective at removing dirt, grime, and oil buildup in your hair, as well as any residue from your hair styling products. You can use it on the days you’re not using shampoo or use it in combination with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Just combine two tablespoons of vinegar with two cups of water and rinse your hair with this mixture. You may find the smell too strong but don’t worry, it will disappear on its own.

Start consuming Superfoods for your hair:

There are certain foods which are extremely beneficial when it comes to hair growth and if you want to have beautiful and long hair you should start consuming it. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, eat lots of lean protein, especially salmon (rich in omega-3 and vitamin D), walnuts (vitamin E), eggs (iron helps carry oxygen to hair follicles), and spinach (iron, beta carotene, and folate).  Add sweet potatoes, blueberries, and Greek yogurt to your everyday meals and watch your hair grow like crazy!

Other very useful advices:

1. Don’t wash your hair with shampoo more than two or three times a week so that the oils in your scalp can penetrate your hair. Also you need to learn how to use the shampoo right! Make sure you rub it into your scalp, massaging your scalp as you do this, and then let the shampoo run down the strands of your hair as you wash out the shampoo. It’s also very important to always use conditioner when you wash your hair. It will help you replace the lipids and proteins in your hair shafts, boosting your hair to grow faster and longer.

2. You probably didn’t know that you should never wrap your wet hair in a towel, at least not in the regular type of towels. If you have this habit always use thin and soft microfiber towels. These towels are made of material that is gentle on your hair and dries it well without breakage.

3. Make it a habit to brush your hair before you go to bed. Start at the scalp and go through every section of the hair at least once. This helps the blood flow in your scalp, improving hair health and stimulating growth.




BAKING SODA SHAMPOO: It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic!

Baking soda has a wide range of uses, and its popularity grows as scientists come up with new findings regarding its healing power.SODIUM-BICARBONATE-SHAMPOO-It-Will-Make-Your-Hair-Grow-Like-It-Is-Magic-1-300x160

But, did you know that you can use baking soda to improve your hair quality? Yes, it really works! Baking soda will clean your hair from any shampoo or conditioner remains, and your hair will have a healthy shine after just a couple of treatments.
Use some baking soda instead of your regular shampoo, and your hair will be more than grateful. This should not come as a surprise if you take into consideration all the benefits baking soda provides.If you want your skin and hair care products completely natural, and you are a complete DIY person when it comes to your beauty routines, then you are probably always on a mission to find a safe product that will not harm your health or expose you to potentially harmful chemicals. We suggest that you try this treatment and enjoy the results.

You may find it hard to wash your hair without all the shampoo foam at first, but be patient and wait for the final results.


Mix 1 part of baking soda and 3 parts of water in a small squeeze bottle. You can adjust the dosing depending on your hair length, for instance, in case of shoulder length hair, mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 times that amount of water.

Apply the homemade baking soda shampoo to a dry or wet hair. Start at the roots and work to the ends. Leave the mixture for 1 – 3 minutes and rinse well.

You may find it hard to wash your hair without all the shampoo foam at first, but be patient and wait for the final results. In order to remove any remains, use warm water.

After you have washed your hair, apply a vinegar rinse.

Combine 1 part of apple cider vinegar and 4 parts of water. To avoid the vinegar smell, add a few drops of lavender, peppermint, and/or rosemary essential oil to the vinegar mixture.

It imay be better if you prepare this rinse ahead of time and keep the squeeze bottle in your bathroom.

Then, tilt the head back and close your eyes, to avoid the possibility of getting some of the vinegar mixture into your eyes. Now, distribute the rinse through your hair.

Your hair will be more than grateful!



How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Graying, Thinning Or Falling Out

There’s no question that coconut oil is a real gift of nature. This super food is equally beneficial for improving your health on the inside as well as on the outside. In fact, coconut oil is increasingly used in beauty products such as face and body creams, hair care products, and sunscreens. Owing to its amazing properties to stimulate natural hair growth and to provide hair with silkiness and natural color, countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Burma use coconut oil (or coconut milk) in natural hair products.

How to Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair to Stop It from Going Gray, Thinning or Falling Out



Hair loss normally attributes to nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory skin conditions, or fungal infections. Coconut oil provides an abundance of healthy fats, which work on multiple levels – they nourish the hair shaft and scalp, fight off skin infections and reduce inflammation.

Treatment Over low heat, mix 3 tbsps. coconut oil and 2 tbsps. sage oil until they blend well. When the mixture cools, apply all over your head then cover with a shower cap. Do the treatment before going to bed. Wash your hair in the morning.


A number of studies have found that coconut oil strengthens the shaft and reduces protein loss, which makes it more beneficial for preventing hair damage in comparison to other oils like mineral and sunflower oil.


Excessive dryness of the hair shaft and cuticles typically results in frizzy hair. Coconut oil is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and retains moisture inside the hair shaft.

To make your hair smooth and silky, apply coconut oil 15 minutes before having a shower. Alternatively, you can apply a bit of coconut oil on split ends to brush more easily.


Dandruff is shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp, which normally occurs as a result of dry skin. Moreover, frequent shampooing, sensitivity to hair care products, eczema, and fungus can also cause dandruff. Coconut oil can successfully fight off fungal infections and deep hydrate dry skin, which makes it highly effective in treating dandruff.

Treatment  Mix coconut and castor oil in equal ratio then apply on your scalp massaging gently. Leave it on for half an hour then rinse off and wash your hair as usual. Repeat the treatment every time you wash your hair until the condition improves.


Unfortunately, most anti-lice products are full of harsh chemicals that irritate, and even burn the scalp, which causes hair damage. However, coconut oil can give much the same effects, only that it’s completely safe to use. Plus, it hydrates the skin rather than irritate it. A number of studies suggest that coconut oil can even fight pesticide-resistant lice.

Treatment Apply coconut oil evenly along your hair. Let it act for several hours then continue applying more oil as it gets absorbed by your hair and skin. To boosts its effects, mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil before use.


Natural hair color largely depends on pigment cells located at the base of each hair follicle. With age, these cells die more and more, which results in hair losing its natural color and turning gray. Luckily, coconut oil is highly beneficial for preventing hair graying because it nourishes the scalp and protects the base of your hair follicles. The treatment against graying hair includes massaging your hair with coconut oil and lemon for at least 15 minutes on a regular daily basis.




Castor oil is often overlooked for its benefits for the skin and hair because of its extremely thick and sticky consistency.  However, if you’re looking for a cheap, natural remedy for several common skin and hair complaints, then castor oil is definitely worth your time.castor-oil


I first stumbled on castor oil as a remedy for regrowing thin eyebrows. I had over-plucked my brows back in the nineties when it was the hip thing to have pencil thin brows, and they never did quite recover.  It became necessary for me to pencil in the “bald” spots and I missed the natural look of real hair where these spots were missing.

I read about castor oil as a remedy for thinning brows and hair, and thought I’d try it. I bought a hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil and started applying it to my eyebrows every night after washing my face.  After about three months, I noticed my brows were noticeably thicker (and they seemed to be growing in darker as well), and attributed it to the nightly application of castor oil.

I’m not the only one that this has worked for.  So, why would castor oil help you regrow hair – both on your head and the other two important places, the eyebrows and the eyelashes.

Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid.  This acid is a very effective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.  This can help keep any fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth.  Since the oil is also very thick, it may help to prevent hair loss simply by helping to coat the hair and protect it from falling out.

Castor oil is also high in omega 9 fatty acids, which are nourishing to both the hair and the follicle, as well as the surrounding skin.  Castor oil has a unique ability to be deeply penetrating, and this helps it to deliver its nourishment deeply into the pores and the follicles that produce hair.

It also has a high gloss, so it lends a lush glossiness and shine to the hair. A little goes a long way, and it is best to only add a tiny bit to the very ends of your hair instead of putting it up near the scalp if you’re just looking for a natural hair smoother.

Simply put about two drops on your hands and rub, then smooth through the ends.  If you use too much, there is a fine line between subtle shine and a heavy greasiness so go very light until you figure out the amount that works right for your hair type.

If you’re looking to regrow the hair on your head, you can use castor oil as a scalp treatment. However it can be tricky to get on the scalp without thinning it out with a lighter oil. You can add some melted coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or another lighter oil to help get it spreadable enough.

If you’re simply looking to help thicken hair that is thinning at the edges of your hairline, you can use pure castor oil, with a light hand of course.  Another use is to apply the oil to eyelashes to help thicken and strengthen them, as well as to help prevent thinning and shedding.


Many attest to the wonders castor oil offers for keloid types of scars and other scars that involve a lot of hardened scar tissue.  This is presumably due to its ability for deep penetration through multiple skin layers.

Because castor oil softens the skin so much, the thought is that this softening helps to break down deep scar tissue so it may be smoothed out.  In addition, castor oil has shown promise as a white blood cell stimulating agent.  Studies have also shown that castor bean oil helps reduce the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissue.  This may be why it seems to speed wound healing, and may also contribute to its ability to reduce scarring more quickly.

Castor oil is also excellent for the lips.  Our lips needs constant protection against the elements. Although our lips regenerate and recover quickly, they also dry out and begin to peel when they are dehydrated.

Castor oil not only smooths the lips with fatty acids, but it also helps protect them due to its naturally thick and immovable nature. In other words, it doesn’t budge without being wiped off. It also imparts a natural shine to the lips, which makes it ideal for both improving the appearance and health of the lips.

Danna Norek is the founder of, which offers a line of natural body, skin and hair care products. The Herb Mint Citrus lip balm uses castor oil as one of the primary ingredients to add shine, moisture and protection to the lips (all naturally flavored).  Line also includes a Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo (sulfate free), Deep Hydration Conditioner, natural deodorant and a popular MSM and Vitamin C Face Cream.

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You Just Have To Apply This Natural Hair Mask And Wait For 15 Minutes – The Results Will Leave You Breathless!

The honey and cinnamon together give numerous health benefits and have been used in alternative medicine for years. They deliver many positive results, and in this article we will show you how this combination can transform your hair.

Transforming of the hair means nourishing and moisturizing the scalp, eliminating dandruff, preventing hair loss, working against split ends,etc.

Cinnamon increases the blood circulation and in combination with honey, they stimulate the growth of the hair, making it elastic, voluminous and shinier. Cinnamon acts as antioxidant, protecting the hair from UV-lights, low temperature and stress.
If you have thin, dull, brittle and weak hair you should try this mask. It is good for any hair type.

Hair mask recipe:

Needed ingredients:
• One teaspoon of cinnamon
• One teaspoon of honey
• Half a cup of olive oil


In a small pan, pour the olive oil and warm it on a heated stove. When it is warmed a little bit, put it in a bowl and then add the honey and cinnamon. Mix them with a spoon.
In order to apply the mask easily, divide the hair with a comb. Apply the mixture (with a brush applicator) on the scalp, from the back to the front. Leave it on, at least 15 minutes.
After that, wash the hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner.
In order to get all the benefits from this mask and to prevent hair loss and also to stimulate hair growth, use this mask once a week.



After Using This Ingredient Her Very Thin Hair Got Thick Within A Week

Too much stress , aging, environmental effects, excessive smoking are just a few factors that lay behind losing hair, that is very common these days.After-Using-This-Ingredient-Her-Very-Thin-Hair-Got-Thick-Within-A-Week-600x331
An average man has around 100 000 strands of hair and it is normal to lose 50 -100 daily. But if you start losing over a 100 strands, then you should start looking for some treatments that will help you stop this.

Below you can read about the most effective natural remedies against hair loss:

Coconut –has many health benefits including those for hair growing and hair strengthening. It is rich in minerals, proteins, potassium, iron and essential fats.

How to use it:
Warm some coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Leave it for one hour, then wash it off.
Or you can grate coconut and then mix it with some water. Put this on the bold area and leave it overnight. Wash it off next morning.

Onion– is rich in sulphur and it can increase collagen production.

How to use it:
Chop one onion, squeeze its juice and then apply on your scalp. You should leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with mild shampoo and after that let it dry itself.

Garlic– has numerous benefits and it is also high in sulphur for which it is used in hair growth treatments.

How to use it:
Crush a few garlic cloves, add some coconut oil to them and boil for a few minutes. Let it cool and then gently massage it on your scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it. Repeat this twice a week.

Egg– make a paste of one egg white and some oil and apply it on your scalp. Let it sit for about 20 min, then rinse with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.


This juice cured gray hair before any hair dyes were even invented

This juice cured gray hair before any hair dyes were even invented

Maturing is a stage of life that we cannot avoid. Graying is part of that process and in one point on another we are all going to have gray hair. But the question is why is this happening? How we can treat and delay it? This juice cured gray hair before any hair dyes were even invented
Why does it happen?

First the hair is turning white, and after formation of melanin (the pigment responsible for the color) our hair become dark or light. When they mix they can create various colors and this is why we all have different hair color.
Every hair follicle in our scalps has melanin. The graying process happens when the cells that produce melanin, also known as melanocytes, become less active or there aren’t any cell left to produce the color.
There are some factors that can increase the graying and can change the pigmentation of hair:
  1. Genetics:
There is something known as early graying: individuals with healthy hair that gray in their 20s. The reason for this may be stress, yet generally it is all in the genes.
Genes will regulate when you will get your first gray hair, same as baldness. Genes manage the pigmentation capability of every individual hair follicle.
  1. Smoking:
Smoking can increase the speed up graying because it is known that smokers are 4 times more likely to have gray hair than people who don’t smoke.
  1. Anemia:

Deficiency of B Vitamins, Untreated Thyroid and some other medical situations can cause early graying.
  1. Some medications and conditions can affect your body as well as your hair.
  2. Age:
The reduction of melanin comes with ageing. The hair turns gray and sooner or later white.
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide.
This compound builds on the hair shafts, which can lead to a losing hair color
Natural Solutions:
–Onion Juice Mixed With Lemon Juice
It sounds strange yet it is a Powerful Gray Hair Natural Remedy: Onion juice is rich in the enzyme catalase and has been used for ages as a relevant treatment and home solution for gray hair. Actually, botanists have been advising their patients to rub onions on their scalps to cure gray hair much earlier than any hair colors were ever invented!
It is Another Very Good Natural remedy

How to use Fenugreek seeds / Methi Seeds for hair?

Fenugreek seeds is an important part of our kitchen. Does fenugreek seed is also known as methi seed? Yes, fenugreek seeds are also known as Methi seeds. Fenugreek seeds have its own benefits, but this surely delight you in several ways. If you have hair problems, then fenugreek seeds is the most cost effective or money saving remedy as well as it will end your all hair problems.


What Hair Problems can be resolved by Fenugreek Seeds?

The common hair problems which are faced by every second person are hair fall, dandruff and hair dullness. These problems are occurred due to the pollution, mental and physical stress plus lack of nutrition in the body. In this scenario, fenugreek seeds comes in a picture because it has high content of nicotinic and protein that prevent hair fall as well as promote hair growth. Hence, fenugreek seeds can do lots of wonders for hair.

What Fenugreek Seeds Contained?

Fenugreek seeds contained several nutrition elements which are beneficial for skin, health and hair. It contained:

  • Iron: Good for Blood Vessels
  • Nicotinic Acid: It Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth
  • Potassium: Prevent from Grey Hairs
  • Lecithin: Treat Sensitive Scalps, Nourish & Strength Hair
  • Protein: Prevent from Baldness
  • Vitamin C: Boost Immunity

How to Use Fenugreek Seeds / Methi Seeds for Hair?

It is a most common question among the people because the users are not aware that how to use fenugreek seeds for hair problem? It is very important to use methi seeds in a proper manner or with a combination of other elements to avail the positive benefits of it. Most importantly, the people who use fenugreek seeds in a proper manner will be able to get the positive outcome.

Fenugreek seeds have been used from longer time to cure the hair problems, so if you are thinking about to use fenugreek seeds but you have doubt about the side effects then it would be good news for you that fenugreek seed is a natural remedy which has no side effects and you can use it without any second thought.

1. Mask to Reduce Hair Fall

If you want to reduce hair fall, then you must have to apply this mask on your hair. To prepare this mask, you need


  1. 2 spoon coconut oil and
  2. 3 spoon methi powder,

mix both together to make a paste. After that, apply mask on your scalp, leave for 30 minutes then rinse off your hair with shampoo.

If you like to prepare another mask to lessen hair fall then you need 1 cup water and half cup methi seeds. Soak methi seeds in the water overnight, in morning make a paste of seeds by grinding it. Apply the paste on your scalp, cover your hair with shower cap and then wash your hair after 45 minutes.

2. Mask to Reduce Dandruff

Do you want to get rid of dandruff ? If yes, then apply these masks:-

To make a mask, you need


  1. half cup thick curd and
  2. two spoon methi seeds.

Immerse the fenugreek seeds in the curd overnight. Then in morning, grind it properly and make a paste. Apply the paste on your scalp and use the remaining curd to cover your hair completely. Cover your hair with the help of shower cap and leave your hair in this condition for minimum half hour or maximum 1 ½ hour, then rinse off with water and shampoo. With the regular use of this mask, you will get rid of dandruff and your hair becomes more shiny and soft.

To prepare another hair pack, you need


  1. 3 spoon lemon juice and
  2. 3 spoon methi powder.

It is an easiest and simple mask to treat dandruff problem. To prepare mask, you just have to mix lemon juice and methi seeds powder thoroughly. After that apply the mixture on your scalp, leave it for 30 minutes then wash your hair. Apply this mixture two times in a week to get a positive result or to treat the dandruff problem.

3. Mask to Add Shine and Increase Hair Volume

Do you want extra shiny, smooth and long hair? If your answer is yes, try this hair pack:-


  1. 3 spoon methi powder and
  2. 3-4 spoon coconut oil,

mix both ingredients and apply on your scalp. After 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner on it. Repeat this procedure at least two times in a week.

4. Mask for Itchy Scalp

Fenugreek seeds are also beneficial for itchy scalp. Itchy scalp cause irritation and some time due to itchy scalp, we have to face embarrassment, when we are in the crowd of people.


  1. 2 spoon methi seeds,
  2. 4-5 spoon sesame oil (til ka tel) and
  3. handful tulsi leaves.

Grind some tulsi leaves and mix sesame oil in it. After that heat the mixture on low flame and then add methi seeds. Once it starts to crunch, switch off the gas. Let the solution cool and strained it. Apply the solution on your hair and leave for a couple of hours, after that wash your hair. Apply this procedure at least once in a week.

Fenugreek for Hair Tips

  1. Never throw the water which has utilized for soaking methi seeds. Because that water can be used as a hair rinse to convey shiny and soft hair.
  2. Be careful while washing your hair after applying the hair mask of fenugreek seeds because sometime fenugreek seeds may be stubborn, so be careful while using the hair mask of fenugreek seeds.
  3. If you want healthy, shiny, long and gorgeous hair then include fenugreek seeds in your hair care routine.

If you want to avail the benefits of fenugreek seeds then you must have to apply these home remedies or hair packs. These hair packs will definitely deliver a positive outcome for your hair within a few weeks but you have to apply the hair pack on regular basis.

Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Most of us are facing the hair loss problem. Hair loss is become one of a major issue among the people as well as it also develop the mental stress in people. Everyone wants to get rid of hair fall and want to promote hair growth, without damaging the hair. Continuation loss of hair will affect a person’s appearance as well as it also affects a person’s confidence level. People opt several techniques, remedies, therapies and so on to reduce the hair fall and to promote hair growth. These remedies and techniques are quite costly as well as they have a fear about losing hair or any kind of adverse effect. Thus, there are numerous natural ways through which you can induce proper hair growth, among all remedies; one of an important and effective home remedy is onion juice.


How Onion Juice Can Help in Hair Growth?

Most of the people are doubtful about the use of onion juice for the hair growth. And some of them think that how onion juice can help in hair growth? Hence, it is proven that the onion juice (natural home remedy) is really effective in controlling hair loss, promote hair growth and other hair related issues like fungal infection, dandruff and yeast infection.

Is Onion Juice also Effective to Prevent Greying of Hair?

Yes, it is also very effective in preventing the premature greying of hairs as well as it also helpful in preventing several hair issues. It is very important to use onion juice in a proper manner to get rid of hair problems.

How to Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

It is very simple to make the onion juice, you just have to put the peel onion into the food processor or juicer to extract the juice. Now squeeze out the juice from the paste of onion using your hand. Take the onion as per the length of your hair.

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

1. Honey & Onion Juice


  • 1/4 cup onion juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Mix honey and onion juice properly. You can apply this solution on your scalp and massage it for at least 15 minutes daily or you intake the prepare solution orally daily to see the difference.

2. Rum & Onion Juice


  • One medium size onion
  • 1 glass rum

Cut the onion into small pieces and soak the chopped onion into a glass of rum overnight. Next morning, strain the mixture to eliminate the pieces of onion from the prepared mixture. Then massage on your scalp with the prepared mixture, then after some time wash your hair.

3. Onion Juice Hair Rinse


  • 4-5 Onions
  • 1 Litre Water

Chop onions and add it into the water, boil the water for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool down, once it get cool then strain it to remove the onion pieces. Now, you can use prepared mixture to rinse your hair after shampooing. If you are not irritated with the onion smell then you can wash your hair with this solution and use shampoo next day.

4. Only Onion Juice


  • 1 Large Size Onion (number of onion changes as per your hair length)

Peel the onion and chop into pieces, put into a blender. Blend it properly, when onion become a paste, squeeze its juice. Massage on your scalp, hair and hair roots with the onion juice, leave it for 30 minutes then wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

5. Coconut Oil & Onion Juice


  • One Tablespoon Onion Juice
  • Two Tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • A Few Drops of Essential Oil (any essential oil of your choice and it is optional)

Mix onion juice and coconut oil together, then add the essential oil in it. If you want to add essential oil then you can, otherwise it is not compulsory to add it because essential oil helps to reduce the strong smell of onion. Massage with the prepared solution into hair and scalp, leave it for at least 2 hours. Then wash your hair with warm water and with mild shampoo. Use this solution only once in a week.

6. Olive Oil & Onion


  • 1 Medium Size Onion
  • 2 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup Beer

    Cut the onion into small pieces and make a paste of it in blender. Or you can use the pulp which is left after making the onion juice. Add beer and olive oil in the paste then apply the paste to your hair. After one or two hours, wash your hair with shampoo. Use this pack once in a week.

    • Add Onions in Your Recipes: Try to add onion in your recipes, intake of onion orally will also do the same work as the onion masks do for hair. If you don’t like the smell of onion then make onion a part of your cooking. Add it in your vegetable or other dishes to avail its nutrients.

    Hairs are an important part of a person’s body, so it is very important to take care of hairs in a proper manner without damaging hair. If you want to control hair loss or want to promote hair growth then you can try any above described method. Select any method but you should have to follow any method at least 2 months without taking any break then only you will see the result on your hairs. If you want to boost your hair growth then you can use almond oil and onion juice once in a week.

    What are the Benefits of Onion for Hair?

    There are some other benefits of onion for the hair and they are:

    • Raw onion can be directly applied on the scalp for the faster growth of hair.
    • Onion prevents the premature of greying hair.
    • Onion is an excellent tonic for the hair thinning because it is a rich source of sulfur content.
    • It also thickens the hair by boosting its volume.
    • Onion can treat the hereditary hair loss issue.
    • It has healing properties, so it is effective in treating the several conditions like female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.
    • Onion has antibacterial properties, so it treats the several hair and scalp infections which are caused due to the fungi or yeast.

ADD this to your Shampoo and Avoid the Fall of Your Hair FOREVER, Results are Magical !!!

There are periods of time that you notice your hair is falling out more frequently. It is weaker, has split ends, brittle. You are losing hair and don’t know what to do. Hair loss is due to many causes, from genetic factors to stress problems. A simple way to take care of it and strengthen it is with proper treatment.image

In the article bellow we are going to you explain how to make your own anti hair loss shampoo. It is very easy, simple and economic! You just need to add these tree ingredients: essential rosemary oil, essential lemon oil and vitamin e capsules to your shampoo and your hair will start to grow immediately!



  • Natural shampoo with neutral pH.
  • Ten drops of essential rosemary oil – it is great for reactivating the blood flow and giving your hair strength.
  • Ten of essential lemon oil – It is a great antiseptic and is refreshing.
  • Two vitamin E capsules – It is a basic and ideal component for fighting hair loss.


The preparation is very simple and easy. Just pour ten drops of essential rosemary oil and ten of essential lemon oil in your neutral shampoo. Then, don’t forget to add the two vitamin E capsules. Shake the shampoo bottle well and it’s done!

It’s important to use this anti hair loss shampoo frequently, at least every other day. You should apply it to wet hair and do a scalp massage for at least 10 minutes. Then, let sit for 10 more minutes. Last, rinse with warm (not hot) water. See how easy it is? It is a refreshing shampoo, with elements that will activate circulation and regenerate the strength of your hair. Your hair will start to grow immediately and you will be amazed from the results!



This Curry Leaf Oil Will Stop Hair Loss and Increase Hair Growth!

Most of us have never heard of curry leaves. Curry on rice? Yes! Curry leaves, no. Their scientific name is murraya koenigii, and they are packed full of health benefits.curry-leaf-oil-fi

Curry leaves are high in carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and copper. They also contain nicotinic acid, vitamins C, A, B, and E, antioxidants, plant sterols, amino acids, glycosides, and flavonoids. (Source)

Research has found that curry leaves help with the following:

  • Reducing Diarrhea
  • Relieving Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Lessening the Effects of Diabetes
  • Improved Liver Health

Curry leaves are also excellent for hair growth!

“Curry leaves constitute a combination of essential nutrients required for the growth of hair. They are rich in antioxidants and amino acids which are capable of reducing hair [loss], and stimulate hair growth. They help in preventing the hair strands from thinning by means of strengthening hair follicles. Curry leaves are also a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. Beta carotene limits hair loss while [the] presence of proteins prevents hair thinning.” (Source)

The woman in this video shows us how to make a curry leaf oil that she uses for her hair!

Curry Leaf Hair Growth Recipe


  • Coconut Oil – 2 Cups
  • Curry Leaves – 1 Small Bowl


1. Heat the coconut oil in a pan or small pot.


2. Add the curry leaves and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.


3. Allow the oil to cool.

4. Pour the oil and leaves through a strainer and into a glass container.


5. Massage the oil into the hair twice a week for desired results!

Curry leaves, along with other herbs, are widely used by South Indian women to strengthen their hair. The nutrients found in the leaves are believed to rejuvenate hair, boost hair growth, unclog hair follicles, and strengthen hair roots and shafts. (Source)

Curry leaves may be found in organic food stores or international markets. One can also buy them fresh online.



Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly? Learn the Best Steps!

I know what you’re probably thinking — “Please, I think I know how to wash my hair.” Yet you’re still just a bit enticed to find out what the “right” way to wash your hair is, just in case you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. According to some of the best hair experts in New York, your hair’s bounce, shine and health depend on whether or not you’re using the correct washing technique. By making some common mistakes, you may be damaging your hair without realizing it. Without further ado, here are the seven steps involved in washing your hair correctly:hair-wash-fi

1. Rinse

The first thing you should be doing before washing your hair is rinsing it. Thoroughly wetting your hair with hot water will allow the cuticles to open. If you have gel, hair spray or any other type of product in your hair, this step is especially important. The warm water will cleanse the hair of products and dirt while opening the pores to allow the oils in your conditioner to be absorbed later on.

2. Condition Long Hair

No, I didn’t skip the shampoo step. If you have long locks, the second step is to condition. If you have hair that falls beneath your shoulders, apply a conditioner and rinse before using a shampoo. This will keep the fragile ends of your hair healthy by protecting them from becoming dry or damaged. Your hair’s cuticles will fill with moisture, allowing your hair to become shiny and smooth.

3. Lather

Next is the shampoo. When using shampoo, apply it to the scalp area only. This area holds the most oil. Using shampoo on the ends of your hair can cause it to become dry and damaged. All you need is a quarter-sized amount of shampoo. If your hair is extra thick or long, you can use twice as much.


4. Be Gentle

Washing your hair quickly can lead to breakage, so keep it gentle and wash carefully. Start by lathering the roots of your hair with shampoo with medium pressure, to stimulate hair growth and blood flow. Use vertical strokes. Circular motions can tangle the hair. Continue to lather toward the ends in a straight stroke, careful not to scrub at your ends.

5. Once is Enough

Ignore the “lather, rinse, repeat” message. Unless your hair is extremely dirty or you didn’t use enough shampoo to create a lather, there’s no need to wash it more than once.

6. Condition Shorter Hair

If your hair falls above your shoulders, rinse your hair of shampoo, squeeze the water out and apply your conditioner. Leave the conditioner in while you finish showering. Use a hair clip if you need to hold it up. The conditioner will be absorbed better if it stays in longer, so rinse at the end of your shower. Your roots most likely have enough oil, so you don’t need to use conditioner on them.

7. Rinse

The last step is to rinse with cold water to shut the cuticles and make your hair nice and shiny. Congratulations! You have successfully completed a hair care routine that will keep your hair healthy and strong!

Most of us keep an eye on what kind of food we’re putting into our bodies – careful to avoid artificial flavorings, colorings and other harmful additives. The same goes for what you put on your body. Not all deodorants, soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are created equal. For the most optimal hair health, stick to organic shampoos with natural ingredients, free of sulfates. Take a look at this list of the top natural and organic shampoos. If you’re into DIY projects, check out the video below for a tutorial on how to make your own natural shampoo!

h/t: love inspire amaze


Amazing Recipe: Say Goodbye To Gray Hair After Using This For 2 Weeks!

Although graying is normally related to middle and old age, this condition also affects many young people. Needless to mention, premature graying adds years to a person’s appearance and significantly undermines a person’s self-esteem.

The most common causes of premature graying include:

  • Genetics

People with a family history of premature graying are at a higher risk of this condition.

  • Stress

Excessive stress and sleep deficiency often results in hair graying at a young age.

  • Lifestyle

Unhealthy diet leads to various nutrient deficiencies in the body, which in turn results in premature graying.

  • Aging

Aging is an inevitable biological process that brings on reduced secretion of melanin in the body. This eventually turns natural hair color into gray, silvery or white.Amazing-Recipe-Say-Goodbye-To-Grey-Hair-after-Using-This-for-2-Week


To deal with this issue, most people resort to commercial hair colors as this is the easiest and fastest way to desired results. However, commercial hair dyes are often laden with harsh chemicals which can cause permanent hair and scalp damage.

On the other hand, natural solutions are as effective, yet much safer.

How to get rid of gray hair naturally

There’s no doubt that coconut oil has some strong health benefits including treatment of gray hair. In fact, coconut oil has proved extremely beneficial for improving overall hair quality.

The amazing potential this gift of nature provides stems from its high amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, all of which your hair depends on for healthy growth. This oil has a century-old tradition as a natural remedy for strong, shiny and healthy hair.

Coconut oil for gray hair

To use coconut oil for gray hair treatment, first heat 2-3 tbsps. coconut oil for about 20 seconds.

You need warm liquid coconut oil to gently massage the roots of your hair.

Let it act for about 10 minutes to allow the hair follicles get deep-hydrated.

Wash it off with warm water.

In the end, wash your hair as usual. Finish with your regular conditioner.

The coconut oil treatment is completely safe and gives no side effects, so you can use it on a regular daily basis.

Regular use will not only help you get rid of gray hair, but it’ll also significantly improve your hair quality.



7 Common Hair Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are a few hair styling mistakes you could be making

Here are a few hair styling mistakes you could be making | Source: iStock

You might be surprised by the number of ways you could be styling your hair incorrectly. This can result in looking older than you are and an overall unpolished look. Not putting enough thought into styling your haircould be the reason why your appearance has become stale. With a few simple hair styling tweaks, you can really revamp your overall look. Below you will find a few common hair styling mistakes that men make and how to fix them.

1. Afraid to let it go

Whether you are just starting to lose your hair or you are halfway there, attempting to style your hair as if you still have a full head of hair is not the best idea. Instead of experimenting with the dreaded comb-over, opt for either cutting your hair low or shaving it all off for a more bold look.

2. Attempting the latest trends

Trends aren’t meant for everyone; being smart about which looks you may want to play with is key. If your hair takes a long time to grow back, or you’re not a huge fan of how your head looks without any hair, shaving your head or getting a crew cut is most likely not the best option for you. Take your time to decide what works best, and you can always put your own spin on current trends in order to play it safe.

3. Experimenting with hair dye

If you must dye your hair, this should be done by a professional stylist. As a professional they are able to select the right color, matching it as closely as possible to your natural color. Attempting to do it yourself usually results in an unnatural look, which doesn’t work for anyone. If you are starting to gray, instead of covering it up, embrace your inner silver fox.

4. Not changing your hairstyle

barber, hair, haircut

A man getting a haircut | Source: iStock

The same rules that apply to fashion also apply to hair styling. If you haven’t changed your haircut since high school, it might be time to update your look. Try to evolve your styling over time, but avoid being too trendy. Staying away from trends will give you a timeless appearance and keep you looking modern at the same time.

5. Overusing styling products

Hair should look naturally put together and not stiff as a board. Overstyling hair is something that can easily be avoided with the right products. If you happen to have unruly hair, don’t double the quantity of product. Instead, pick products that offer a light hold like pomade or wax for an effortless look.

6. Skipping out on haircuts


A man getting his hair cut | Source: iStock

A professional haircut can make a huge impact when it comes to men’s hairstyles. A fresh cut can instantly give you a put-together look, and if this becomes part of your regular grooming routine, you will most likely need to use fewer styling products.

7. Growing hair long

This look isn’t for everyone, but if you are able to pull it off, you should do it right. Avoid growing your hair too long, and make sure to keep long locks properly groomed and clean. Regular trims will keep your hair from looking disheveled.




Beautiful, shiny and dandruff-free hair requires a lot of attention. But, even when you give your hair a lot of attention, it’s not always the way you’d want it to be. This is because most of us do a number of honest mistakes when washing, drying and styling our hair. Read on and find out how to always have the best- looking hair.You’ve-Been-Washing-Your-Hair-Wrong-Your-Entire-Life-And-This-Is-How-You-Should-Actually-Do-It


#1 Don’t shampoo every wash

Try skipping the shampoo every now and then because using the shampoo too often can lead to a dry scalp.

#2 Don’t wait too long between washes

Don’t wait for too long between hair washes. In fact, you should wash your hair as often as you want to. Whether you do it once a week in winter or every day in summer, it depends entirely on you.

#3 Don’t scrub your scalp

To prevent hair breakage and falling, work with your fingers gently through your hair rather than scrubbing.

#4 Don’t use too much shampoo

Dermatologists recommend using only as much shampoo as the size of a coin.

#5 Don’t change shampoos too often

Using one shampoo is far more recommended than changing your shampoos every month.

#6 Don’t wash with hot water

Hot showers may be beneficial for your skin, but not for your hair. The thing is hot water dries out your skin and scalp. Try using lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair.

#7 Don’t shampoo your whole head

Use shampoo for your roots and a hair conditioner for your ends.

#8 Don’t always shampoo your scalp

Every now and then, start shampooing from the nape of your neck instead from the crown as we normally do.

#9 Don’t brush your hair when wet

Avoid brushing your hair when wet because it’s more fragile and prone to breaking.

#10 Soak your hair

Soak your hair well before applying shampoo.

#11 Don’t towel dry your hair

Instead of towel-drying your wet hair, try patting it dry gently. This will prevent hair breakage.