Many people have been trying to get rid of the excess pounds. Most of them stopped the consumption of processed food and chose for whole and healthy foods. However, the pounds often stop dropping as fast they were before. We all wonder, what element could be missing? Cumin seeds are the right answer.CuminWater-798x418

Beneficial Effects of Cumin seeds?

Cumin has been used for healing and cooking in the Middle East, Egypt and India for generations.

  • Cumin is rich in antioxidants which remove free radicals the digestive system. The seed aids the digestive tract function properly.
  • Cumin prevents bloating. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help in the digestion of food. The intestines become less effective in absorbing nutrients, if they became inflamed as a reaction of some foods so you have to consume more food in order to give your body the minerals and vitamins it needs. Cumin seed is extremely powerful in the reduction of gut inflammation.
  • Suppress appetite. The consumption of cumin will decrease the food intake and burn the fat in your body in very short period of time.
  • Cumin Accelerates metabolism. According to many scientific studies, cumin will aid your body to digest and absorb lipids efficiently. Cumin will significantly maximize those positive life changes if you exercise and choose to eat healthy foods.

The latest research has shown that the consumption of cumin is extremely effective in burning the fat and increasing good and lowering bad cholesterol. It also decreases the risk of cancer, cleanses the body from toxins and protects the liver from damage.

The preparation of hot beverage with cumin is our favorite weight loss trick. You will get best results if you consume it before breakfast.

Cumin Seed Water


  • A teaspoon of raw honey
  • A teaspoon of cumin seeds
  • A glass of water


–      Heat some water in a pot (when small bubbles will start rising)

–      Add the seeds and then boil for 5 min

–      Strain the mixture into a glass and then add the honey. Mix well

Cumin seeds can be also mixed into guacamole, homemade hummus or season your cooked veggies. Be creative and implement cumin into your daily nutrition. Spice it up and start your weight loss journey.

Source: Healthy And Natural



A poor digestive system can cause health problems like, slow metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. The body should be able to break down food, absorb nutrients and pass waste through the intestines in the shortest time possible.Say-Goodbye-To-Your-Belly-Fat-In-A-Month-Yes-It-Is-Possible

But the truth is most of us have digestive issues. And this makes us prone to diseases because 70 percent of immune system cells are in the gut. Improving your gut health won’t just drop hidden pounds but it’ll also boost your immune system. Below are 6 foods you should eat to quickly cleanse your digestive system.

Chia seeds

One of the many benefits of chia seeds is cleansing the gut. In fact, they’ll help a great deal if you have constipation. All you need to do is soak them in water for a few minutes and they’ll be ready. I may also note that chia seeds have high anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more benefits of this superfood.


Probiotic foods contain the good bacteria. Note that these foods are fermented, so they may be a little sour but they’re great for curbing appetite. Some of these foods include kombucha tea, yoghurt, kimchi and so on.

Dark green veggies

Vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They will help protect the body from toxins and improve the digestive system. I may note that cooked veggies are easier to digest, avoid raw veggies if you have stomach upset. You can even opt for smoothies if your digestion problems are major. Adding vinegar or lemon juice to the smoothies will help in the absorption of nutrients.


Eating small amounts of flaxseed clean up your colon, get rid of toxins and improve digestion. If you haven’t been eating flaxseed start with small amounts like 1 tablespoon per day then when you get used to it increase your intake to 2 or 3 tablespoons.


For one thing, cayenne adds heat in the gut. It also helps dissolve any mucus that may have formed in the different parts. As you may know mucus plays a big part in improving digestion. Cayenne has also shown ability to fix indigestion. Make sure you add it to your food frequently.


Eating high fiber foods is one of the best ways to improve digestion. This seeds have high amounts of fiber so it absorbs a lot of water. Eating it regularly will definitely help cleanse your digestive system.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when you eat high fiber foods. Drinking lots of water actually improves digestion and gets rid of bloating.




Many people injure their knees which causes pain and even water appears in them. Luckily, this simple coating will help you to ged rid of the water and reduce the pain.water_in_knee

This fluid is mostly produced by the joints which is called synovial fluid, but it can also be caused by water retention.

As a result of variety of causes, this condition can be very painful to the point where the ability to move the knee fully is limited, the individual will even walk unhindered and it will cause a problem to bear weight on the knee. Stifiness, bruising and sweeling can be also present, depending on the cause.

Water in the knee can be caused by knee injury, certain infections, gout, some type of arthritis and occasionally tumors or cysts.

Here is the recipe for the simple coating in the case of pain and water on the knee caused by injury.


  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Fresh egg yolk

Mix together the fresh egg yolk and the salt and then apply the mixture on the injured knee. Over this mixture, place a nylon or cellophane and secure the coating with an elastic bandage.

Change this coating every two hours, namely, put a knew one made with a fresh egg yolk.

You need to apply five coverings in a day.



It Is Recommended Even From The Doctors, This Drink Is Stronger Than Cure – It Destroys Cholesterol And Burns Fat

The following recipe is an excellent natural remedy against high cholesterol and it’s even recommended by doctors to patients with abnormally high level of cholesterol. In addition to being health beneficial, this drink will stimulate the fat burning process and help you shed the extra pounds quickly and efficiently. It contains all natural ingredients with amazing health-beneficial properties which promote your overall health and improve your body’s immune system. You just need a few readily available ingredients and you can say goodbye to the extra fat and high cholesterol levels for good.It-Is-Recommended-Even-From-The-Doctors-This-Drink-Is-Stronger-Than-Cure-–-It-Destroys-Cholesterol-And-Burns-Fat

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 l of filtrated water
  • 2 bunches of parsley
  • 3 lemons
  • baking soda

Wash the lemons with baking soda thoroughly and chop them up into small pieces. Chop the parsley as well. Boil the water and set it aside to cool off. Once it’s cooled add the chopped lemons and parsley and store the drink in the fridge overnight. The next morning stir the drink and pour it in a glass jar or bottle. You need to consume 100gr of this amazing homemade remedy everyday and in no time you’ll notice amazing results.



Only One Lemon Daily Is Sufficient To Completely Remove Persistent Pain From The Joints! Here’s How To Do It

This fruit has enormous healing effects is rightly used in the treatment. See how!

Back in 1747, James Lond found that lemon and orange are very effective in treating the disease in the absence of vitamin C.78fb7479c8d033402c4b-678x381

In addition, it can add a delightful taste of many savory dishes, as well as many desserts.

One raw lemon without peel, contains 17 calories, 0.6g protein, 0.2 g fat, carbohydrates 5,4g, 1,6g fiber and 1.5g of sugar

It also can replace 51% of daily intake of vitamin C, as well as lower intake of vitamin B-6, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and the like.

One squeezing lemon juice provides 7 calories, 0.1 g protein, 0.1 g fat, 2,1g carbohydrates, and about 23% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Health benefits of lemon in large quantities

Lemon reduces the risk of stroke, acts against cancer, maintaining a healthy complexion, eliminate or reduce acne, asthma, strengthens the immune system and absorb iron.

It also reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, increases energy and helps to maintain weight.


Lemon peel has a strong quality and contains a powerful antiseptic that helps fight fever. It relaxes blood vessels and reduces pain.

You can rub lemon peel on the painful spot and tie the bandage every 2 hours. You can also put a lemon in a jar with olive oil, apply on the painful place and put gauze.

Green tea strengthens immunity, relieves tension and headache.

Surely you did not know all these healing properties, so you should try at home and you will see that eliminates any joint pain that you have, and it is one of the healthiest fruits.





Clean Your Kidneys With This 5 Excellent Drinks

The kidneys are the organs that are filtering out the toxins and the waste from the bloodstream. Because toxins are affecting the entire body, there is no question that supporting your kidneys is crucial for keeping your overall health in check. Without a balanced diet, purified drinking water, and body cleansing, toxins will build up and they will affect the function of the kidneys, the liver and also it can lead to kidney stones and some other problems.cleandrinks-1024x576

Cleaning the kidneys is a simple process and it doesn’t require an exhaustive supply of tools or ingredients to work. Drinking plenty of purified water is the first step toward an effective flush. But water actually only it’s providing hydration. This 5 kidney-cleaning drinks can provide the extra cleansing boost.

1.Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a supporter for the urinary tract.  Cranberries are helping in the fight against the urinary tract infections, they’re decreasing the adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and urethra. Cranberries can be helpful for cleaning the kidneys of excess calcium oxalate, that is one of the main contributors to kidney stones. When you are purchasing cranberry juice, take a good look and choose the varieties that are certified organic and free of added sugars, preservatives, or any artificial flavors. Or the best is to get a juicer and make your own.

2.Beet Juice

Beets and beet juice are containing betaine, that is very beneficial phytochemical. It has antioxidant qualities and it can increases the acidity of urine. This can help for clearing the calcium phosphate and struvite buildup from the kidneys. The removing calcium from the kidneys will promote the kidney function and also will decrease the likelihood of the kidney stones.

3.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is increasing the citrate levels in the urine, a factor that is discouraging the kidney stones from forming. For a quick lemon kidney cleanse, you just need to squeeze 4 or 5 lemons into a quart of cold water and drink it. Or, for a warming beverage, just squeeze one quarter to one half a lemon into 250 ml of hot water daily.

4.Juice Cleanses

A juice cleanse combines the nutritional power of fruits and vegetables into one, and it is easy-to-drink. The juice of mixed vegetables and fruits is full with antioxidants and nutrients that are necessary for facilitating the removal of toxins. This can help with taking the strain off the liver, colon, and the kidneys. Celery, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, kale, carrots, and spinach are vegetables that are great for juicing. From the fruits you should try with apples, pineapples, peeled oranges, peaches  and pears.

5.Homemade Kidney Cleanse Beverage

This is one of the best beverages that will aid any kidney cleanse. All you  need is fresh lemons, apple cider vinegar (organic and raw), purified water, and Renaltrex. You just need to mix the lemon juice, the purified water, ACV, and Renaltrex. You should drink it over the span of a four day cleanse.



The Best Combination Of Pepper And Turmeric Cure For Many Diseases

A combination of black pepper, turmeric and plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, or even cancer.turmeric_blpepper3-e1383003390201

Although turmeric is in itself a powerful medicinal plant, when consumed orally is poorly absorbed because it accelerates the liver.Therefore, black pepper in combination with turmeric may increase the absorption of useful compounds, to prevent inflammation and infection!

The health benefits of black pepper and turmeric

Recent studies have found that a compound in black pepper, which is called piperine, participates in the fight against cancer with turmeric and it seems that curcumin from turmeric becomes 1000 times easier to absorb. Without piperine, biological content of turmeric is very low. In a study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, the researchers found that curcumin and piperine, when combined, have the ability to destroy cancer stem cells.
Reduce pain and inflammation

Piperine and curcumin are compounds that affect more than 700 genes, and can prevent the activity and synthesis of the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (koks2) and 5-lipookigenase (5-loxy), as well as other enzymes that are involved in the inflammatory process.

Weight loss

Turmeric and black pepper can help you lose weight. Piperine in black pepper speeds up metabolism and increases calorie burning in the body. It also causes a feeling of satiety.

The natural anti-depressant

The active substance in turmeric and black pepper have anti-depressant effects. Such compounds can raise levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain and prevent the action of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that is associated with depression, if it is present in the brain in large amounts.
Effective Substitute for Chemotherapy

A study was conducted by the Researchers of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment on Mammosphere formation, in which the stem cells of breast were studied.  They published the findings of their research in their journal – that curcumin and piperine could get rid of the cancer cells.

The researchers examined the epithelial cells of a healthy breast, the normal stem cells and the progenitor cells. Piperine and curcumin dosage provided to them was 20 times stronger than one naturally consumes through food. Every stage of the treatment with these spices was observed. The two spices hindered the formation of Mammosphere. Moreover, they proved to be harmless, making sure that they were the possible anti-cancer agents. Even chemotherapies are ineffective to the cancer patients at times, and the cancer cells appear again.  Moreover, the study revealed that stem cells of the breast were self-renewed and the cancer causing cells were demolished.



Say Goodbye To Back Pain! Here’s How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Natural Way! Successful In 95% Of Cases!

Almost 80% of the population experiences lower back pain at some point in their life.

The condition is commonly known as lumbago, “hexenschuss”, or witch stab which explains a lot about the sudden incidence and character of the disease.lfllf

What is it?

The spine is made up of 26 bone discs called vertebrae. The spinal column provides the main support for the body and it is surrounded by numerous muscles, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments arranged in a tube shape shielding canal through which passes the spinal cord and the nerve roots of arms and legs.

Due to the multiple actions and functions, spine is exposed to constant mechanical action of the load (pressure, shear, train, bending, twisting).

Certain parts of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) have a different range of motion from which the neck is highly mobile, while the breast part is less mobile.

The transition between one part of the spine to another leads to degenerative changes which can result in pain.

Risk category

People engaged in hard physical work, those who spend several hours in adverse postures, sedentary jobs, older men with degenerative changes of the lumbar spine, people with osteoporosis or with certain congenital anomalies of the spine after injuries and operations of the spine.

Treatment and prevention

According to researchers, the herb comfrey which grows on wet meadows and places near the water can be very effective in treating back pain. Ointment based on the extract of this plant has proved to successfully heal back pain in just five days. Scientists tested 120 people who suffered from pain in the lower and upper back. The study was conducted by researchers at the German Sports University in Bonn, and the results were published in the British Journal of Sports Medina. The extract of comfrey root is extremely powerful and clinically proven to reduce acute pain, according to the research results.

The root of the plant is similar to that of beet and has large, hairy leaves. Herbalists have used it since ancient times. Moreover, previous studies have proved that comfrey can effectively relieve other types of pain and in the form of gel it can treat pain caused by dislocation of joints and osteoarthritis.

Note: do not take it in form of capsules since it can be toxic to the liver.




Say Goodbye To Nail Fungus With This Fabulous Only 2 Ingredients Remedy

Fungal infections are quite common and they most often affect our feet, which can be quite embarrassing for the person affected. If not treated in time the fungus overgrowth turns into an infection which can have some unpleasant consequences. Most people complain of toenail fungal infections, which typically affect the area around and under the toenail.Say-Goodbye-To-Nail-Fungus-With-This-Fabulous-Only-2-Ingredients-Remedy

If you don’t have any medical problems a nail fungal infection isn’t so dangerous on its own but it looks awful, it can be painful and cause permanent damage to your nail. That’s why it’s best to catch it early and treat it effectively if you want to avoid complications.

Get rid of nail fungus forever

The following remedy is very simple but quite effective. You’ll need:

    • 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda
    • 1 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
    • Water
    • Paper towels

The baking soda will not eliminate the fungi but it will stop it from spreading into a nasty infection. The vinegar, on the other hand, is acidic and it will create an unfavorable environment for the fungi, eliminating it from the root. Plus it’s natural so it won’t cause any damage to the nail and the skin around it.

Step 1: Mix the vinegar in enough water so that you can soak your feet in it. Soak the feet for about 15 minutes and then pat them dry with the paper towels.

Step 2: Mix the baking soda in enough water so that you can soak your feet in it. Soak for 15 minutes and pat your feet dry with the paper towels.

The vinegar will kill off the fungi while the baking soda will stop its recurrence. Repeat the process 2 times a day and get rid of the fungal infection for good.

Additional advice: It would be best if you can trim back as much of the affected nail as you can before starting the treatment, using a disinfected nail clipper. Make sure you disinfect it again afterwards to prevent it from spreading.



Drink This Avocado Green Smoothie For Glowing Skin And Healthy Joints

Drink This Avocado Green Smoothie For Glowing Skin And Healthy Joints

Every time I think of avocado, all that comes to my mind is healthy fats!  I often compare it to nuts, because these two are essential sources of fats for our diet.
Drink This Avocado Green Smoothie For Glowing Skin And Healthy Joints
The creamy and buttery texture of avocados is full of nutrients, such as: vitamins C, E, K and B6, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, lutein and omega-3.

This never ending line of nutrients in avocado, keeps your body healthy, by fighting the following diseases: heart problems, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, cancer, depression, indigestion and chronic diseases.

Therefore, it would be great to incorporate this amazing fruit into our morning smoothie which will show its nutritious results on the biggest organ in your body- your skin. It is so important to have an elastic and glowing skin, because that is the perfect sign that everything is well with our inner organs and health.

However, the four key nutrients in avocado that directly give you a better complexion are in fact: vitamin C -because of its antioxidant properties; vitamin E – which reduces the UVA and UVB radiation from skin exposure to sun; carotenoids – it improves skin thickness, density and tone; the monosaturated fatty acids – the omega-9 fats, such as the oleic acid regenerate damaged skin and also reduce any skin inflammation, redness or irritation;

On the other hand, those same nutrients will keep your joints healthy because they prevent pro-inflammatory prostaglandin E2 synthesis with the connective tissue and prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

So, here we offer you an avocado smoothie recipe which will provide you those benefits:
You will need the following ingredients to prepare your smoothie:

  • 2 chopped sticks of celery
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 1 peeled and chopped orange
  • ¼ cup of avocado (approximately ½ a large avocado)
  • 1 peeled and chopped lime
  • 4 leaves of chopped lettuce
  • 1 tbsp of chopped fresh basil
  • 2 cups of water (or more, if necessary)


We recommend you to buy organic ingredients in order to get the most out of your smoothie. Then wash and prepare (peel and chop) all the ingredients.

If the dates are hard, soak them for 5 to 10 minutes in water and drain them before use. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend them together until you get a homogenous content. If the content is too thick, you can add water according to your choice. Drink the smoothie in the morning as an addition or replacement to your breakfast.


Ancient Remedy to Treat Asthma, Bronchitis and Chronic Lung Disease With 1 Tablespoon (After Every Meal)

Ancient Remedy to Treat Asthma, Bronchitis and Chronic Lung Disease With 1 Tablespoon (After Every Meal)

Many people are diagnosed with different lung diseases or disorders, and asthma, bronchitis, and various types of cough are some of the most common conditions.Ancient Remedy to Treat Asthma, Bronchitis and Chronic Lung Disease With 1 Tablespoon (After Every Meal)

Infections, allergies and smoking can cause a certain type of lung disease or disorder. In this article we give you the recipe for a popular traditional remedy that will help you treat any problem with your lungs, especially asthma, both bronchial and cardiac.

Asthma, Bronchitis

In the past, our grandmothers have prepared this natural remedy to treat health conditions of this type, and those who have already tried it confirm that our grannies were right about is great healing power.

Ancient Remedy to Treat Asthma, Bronchitis and Chronic Lung Disease With 1 Tablespoon (After Every Meal)


1.1 lbs / ½ kg red/purple onions
2 cups of Pure Maple Syrup or 1.1 lbs / ½ kg brown sugar
2 medium sized lemons
6 cups / 1.5 l water
7 tbsp raw honey

Place it the pure maple syrup  in a large skillet and preheat the pure maple syrup on a medium heat (If you are using brown sugar — take a large skillet and preheat the brown sugar on a medium heat. Stir it constantly until it gets a nice golden color). Then, add the previously sliced onions, cook for a couple of minutes, and add the water.

Boil the mixture on a medium heat until the water is reduced by a third. Let it cool for  a while. For that time squeeze the lemons, and keep the juice aside. Add honey and lemon juice to the mixture, and stir well. Let it overnight, and in the morning squeeze out the liquid and keep it in a glass bottle.

In the past, our grandmothers have prepared this natural remedy to treat health conditions of this type, and those who have already tried it confirm that our grannies were right about is great healing power.



5 Natural Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

While the flu shot is an important factor in preventing the flu each season, there are also other habits that can keep you healthy. And best of all, many of them are natural. Try these five health-boosting, all-natural tips for staving off the flu this winter.5-Natural-Ways-to-Stay-Healthy-During-Flu-Season-324x235

Get Plenty of Rest

When you’re not getting enough sleep, your immune system (as well as other physical processes) suffers. That means you’re more susceptible to the germs that cause the flu and the common cold, and your body has a harder time fighting off illnesses. Most adults need about eight hours of sleep each night, and children need even more.


Getting enough physical activity is a great way to avoid the flu–and to be healthier overall. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults should exercise for at least 30 minutes at moderate intensity on most days of the week.

Adjust Your Diet

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains helps ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to fight off a virus. Cut out the sugary snacks and fatty fried foods. And certain vitamins and minerals, including zinc and vitamin C, are great flu fighters. Salmon is a great source of vitamin D, which helps regulate the immune system.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to make sure that the immune system can operate at peak performance. Some experts recommend at least 100 ounces a day. In addition to water, choose broth or sports drinks over sodas and sugary juices. Avoid drinking alcohol, which has a negative impact on the efficiency of the immune system. By the same token, you should consider running a humidifier in your home. This can help prevent the spread of the flu virus, which thrives in dry air.

Practice Good Manners

If you aren’t feeling well, stay home and rest. Not only will the extra sleep help you get well sooner, but you’ll avoid spreading the virus to others. A nurse who completed his RN to MSN online at USF recommends coughing, if you need to, into the crook of your elbow to limit the spread of germs. Avoid others in the workplace who are coughing and sneezing, and encourage coworkers to stay home when symptoms arise. Don’t be afraid to politely decline shaking hands if you are worried about getting infected.

These natural habits are not only easy and inexpensive, but they can go a long way toward helping you stay healthy throughout the flu season. And, if you do get infected, people in better overall health tend to have less severe symptoms.




If you’re battling with extra weight, this recipe is just what you need. In fact, people claim it’s the ultimate weight-loss tool. You take it every morning instead of breakfast. What happens next is your fat-burning process goes on throughout the day without you being aware of it.Say-Goodbye-to-Stomach-Fat-with-Only-2-Spoons-of-This-Mixture-It-Burns-Fat-IMMEDIATELY



  • 125g horseradish
  • 3 lemons
  • 3 tbsps. organic honey



Start by blending the horseradish. Next, peel the lemon and slice it. Add it in your food processor and continue blending with the horseradish. You’ll know it’s ready when you get an even texture.  Finish by adding the honey. Blend once again for the last time.

Store the mixture in a tightly closed glass jar. Keep it refrigerated.

Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the morning and in the evening every day for 3 weeks.

The weight loss results will leave you astounded. That’s what makes this recipe worth trying!




Bananas are rich in a number of nutrients which make them extremely healthy for your entire organism, in addition to being delicious. Eating three bananas a day can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. British and Italian scientists have determined that eating one banana with every meal provides your body with the much needed potassium and reduces the risk of a blood clot in the brain by as much as 21%.This-Is-What-Happens-To-Your-Brain-Heart-And-Waistline-When-You-Eat-3-Bananas-A-DAY

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a report in 2011 which revealed that a great number of strokes could have been prevented if the individuals ingested the needed potassium through foods such as bananas, fish, spinach and lentils. A daily dose of 1600mg of potassium can significantly reduce your risk of a stroke but do you know the easiest way to satisfy this daily need? Just eat 3 bananas a day, they each contain 500mg of potassium and will stimulate proper brain and neve function, preventing blood clots and strokes.

Banana nutrients and benefits

Aside from the high levels of potassium, bananas are also rich in vitamins B6 and C, manganese, biotin, and dietary fiber, which help digestion. One average sized banana contains 108 calories and has just trace amounts of cholesterol, fat and sodium, which makes them an excellent snack for dieters. They are also excellent for athletes because they are great energy boosters (low in glycemic carbs). According to certain studies eating 3 bananas will provide you the energy for a strenuous 90minute workout.

Additional health benefits of eating 3 bananas a day

Bananas are not just good for the heart, they have a number of other benefits and here are just a few of them:

  1. Reduce depression

Did you know that bananas can help you fight depression? They are rich in tryptophan, a type of protein which the body converts into serotonin, and as you all know serotonin is a compound that relaxes the body and is responsible for our good mood.

  1. Regulate blood pressure

As we already mentioned, one medium sized banana contains about 500mg of potassium, which is essential for good cardiovascular health. Bananas with their high potassium levels can help regulate heart function and the body’s fluid balance; which in turn reduces the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

  1. Against constipation

Bananas are rich in dietary fibers, one average banana contains about 3gr of fibers, which makes them an excellent remedy against constipation. Instead of turning to laxatives try eating bananas every day, it’s the best natural way to restore proper bowel movement.

  1. Cures hangovers

You have a nasty hangover and you think your head is about to explode? Try a banana-honey smoothie; you’ll feel better right away. Bananas will calm your irritated stomach and the honey will restore your out of balance blood sugar levels.

  1. Boosts bone mass

According to numerous researches the potassium in bananas can help you keep your bones healthy and strong and prevent their decay.

  1. Fights stress

Here’s one more benefit from the high potassium levels in bananas – it regulates your heartbeat and fights stress. When you’re feeling stressed out the metabolic rates rise and the potassium levels drop which means that potassium can help us restore our heartbeat and makes us feel more relaxed.

  1. Helps you quit smoking

Bananas are rich in vitamins B12 and B6, in addition to the potassium and magnesium, which can help the body recuperate from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

  1. PMS

As we mentioned already, they are rich in vitamin B6, which normalizes the body’s glucose levels and can positively affect your mood and make you feel better right away. Very useful information if you often experience mood swings due to PMS.

  1. Anemia

Bananas are the number 1 recommended food for people suffering from anemia (a condition where your body does not have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the necessary tissues). As we know bananas contain high amounts of iron and can boost hemoglobin production which is very important for people battling anemia, since low hemoglobin levels usually indicate anemia.



Excellent Drink That Melt 10 CM Stomach Fat Waist As If By Magic!


Excellent drink that is made from simple ingredients and it removes up to 10 centimeters of fat deposits around the waist in only four days.455-696x353

Ingredients :

– fresh ginger

– fresh mint leaves
– a cucumber
– a lemon
– 8.5 glasses of water

Preparation :

Wash the lemon (but do not peel it), cut it in half and remove the seeds. Each half of the lemon should be cut a little bit, and then you can place them in a bowl with water.

Peel the cucumber and chop it into rings and then add them to the water. Wash 8 to 12 fresh mint leaves, and add them too.

Peel the ginger, and then chop it, and after that add the slices to the water with the other ingredients. Mix the ingredients, cover and place them in a refrigerator and leave the mixture to stay there over the night.

At least four days prepare fresh water each day and drink every day throughout the whole day and the results will be visible.