[Infographic] 17 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happy

 One of the most frequent promises people make is to get fit by working out more. Exercising regularly is also one of the hardest promises for people to keep – as the experts at TopStretch.com can attest to. Stressful schedules and day-to-day life tends to get in the way of our wellness goals. People kick start their new healthy outlook with good intentions and gym memberships and then abandon them within a month or so.

It turns out that exercising is one of the best commitments you can make for yourself. Most people know that working out helps people lose weight. Did you know that it also provides emotional benefits such as reduced anxiety and a better self-esteem? It can also sharpen your memory and increase energy levels. Exercise is truly good for our bodiesboth inside and out.

If you need motivation to help keep your workout plan on track, check out this infographic to see some of the unexpected benefits of hitting the gym or running trail on a regular basis.